An inboard yacht tender replica - 10ft x 4ft 3ins (3.1m x 1.3m)


A close replica of the 1920's yacht tender Charlotte built by Morgan Giles. This boat was on show at the National Motor Boat Museum at Wat Tyler Country Park in Essex (at Pitsea, near Basildon) and was exhibited at Greenwich Wooden Boat Show in 1989.

Built in 1990 the lines were taken from the original by Fabian Bush. The owner wanted an exact replica but one which WOULD NOT LEAK! so...... She is constructed using a double layer of fore-and-aft planking with a layer of glass-cloth-with-epoxy in between for watertightness and stability - hence the steamed frames have some structural importance but are not the only support to the planking. The result looks just like the original boat, however, though the frames are spaced at 3" centres rather than 2", and a new engine box had to be constructed for her Stuart Turner 2.5 hp engine which replaced the original Watermota.

The original boat was carvel-built with very thin planks - basically pretty impossible to keep from leaking unless kept in very stable conditions - I met Colin Fair (of Watermota fame) who was a previous owner who commented upon this fact - maybe she is an example of a boat which survived due to lack of use!

A detailed plan is available with lines, offsets, and construction for the original "Charlotte"
Plan price is £30 including UK postage. The plan is in metric units
The plan consists of an A0 sheet and a brief description of how I built the replica.The units used are metric and the scale is 1:5. It is up to the builder to choose how to make the hull shell and I would not call this an "easy project". The builder needs to choose the motor/propulsion system too.

At bottom are images of the original "Charlotte" (at the Greenwich Boat Show)
For more information please get in touch with Fabian