New Boatbuilding - Overview

I am experienced in both traditional & modern construction and try to integrate the best choices and use of materials with the design and purpose of the craft.

Wooden boats can be made economically by those of us practiced in working quickly with a minimum of design and other administrative demands. I can integrate design and construction processes.

To optimise the properties of wood each type of construction requires a distinct approach, even though the end products often appear to be very similar, e.g. Traditional Clinker and Glued Clinker-Plywood hulls. We want to emphasize the beauty and hand-crafted nature of timber boats, whatever the construction. Even plywood craft of simple hull form like Banks Dories which can be purely utilitarian are fashioned in such a way as to project (at least some of) the warmth and quality of the hand-made wooden boat.

Boats may or may not be “CE” marked depending upon the exemptions given in the Recreational Craft Directive and customer choice.

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Winklebrig Faith launch video

FAITH, launched March 29th 2016

Watch in new tab Traditional Winklebrig 'Faith' launch. By Richard Harvey on Vimeo.