Restoration and Repair

This section will include the making of individual new bits and pieces for existing boats, eg new spars

All sorts of restoration and repairs have been carried out over the years, usually on traditionally built boats. Projects have included fairly comprehensive re-builds of small craft like the 16 ft Mersea Winklebrig “Joanna” (Sail no Oz 1), the Norfolk Punt “Scoter” (ply - Wych & Coppock 1953) and The Royal Burnham One Design “Gannet”.

Between 1990 and 1994 the hull and deck of the West Solent One Design “Halloween” was overhauled - work progressing as funds became available(!) (she was finished by Jamie Clay for her owner (Adrian Mulville) several years later!).

Various projects have involved improving the structural framework of yachts when their hulls become “tired”(often around the age of 40 /50 yrs) - I’m fully confident in finding practical and sometimes “novel” [there’s nothing “new” in boatbuilding!] solutions to complex problems