Designs are for sale, for various types of craft.

I have designs of various craft, in both classic and modern style and construction.

Most of these designs were commissions for one-off builds and so the plans were not particularly tailored for others to build (- sometimes a boat was simply built from the lofted plan (which was the original and not reproducible - mistake!) on a board with a few additional small-scale sketches to give particular details, specifications, and sail plan). A few plans are ready for amateurs to build without further work; some are for experienced builders, and some need further design work. Some builders might require modifications to interior layout and rig and construction method too - which can be accommodated. This page will list all these categories, and links will be added to give full information on the boats and plans as time allows. Please enquire for further details and information and also if you wish to commission a new design

Plan Prices include UK postage. Carriage overseas needs to be added. Payment is by cheque or bank transfer, money order, etc, by arrangement.

The Colne Canoe is a touring double-paddle canoe for one or two people, designed to be a relatively stable and seaworthy stand-alone craft for moderately exposed estuaries and lakes.

POLLY is a 10 ft inboard yacht tender. This is a replica of a Morgan Giles boat from the 1920's.

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see also Technology - a brief outline of differences between modern and traditional construction.