Osea Brig

Dainty Lady (1984)

This dinghy has similarities with North American yawl boats and some Scottish craft, developed from a rowing boat form – fine lines below the waterline and slack bilges to give an easily driven hull. Above the waterline the topsides flare to a wide beam with good freeboard to make a dry sailing hull with reserve stability and plenty of space for the crew (up to four adults).
The straight keel, with a depth aft of 12”, combined with good deadrise contributes toward a well-balanced and sea-kindly craft. The boat is quite heavy, specifically designed for robust traditional construction.

Designed at 14 ft she can have different rigs and layouts. and the lines could be used to make a hull between 13 and 16 ft in length. Construction is traditional with the modification of a laminated gunwale for extra stiffness. Substantial floors strengthen the bilge and support the cockpit sole to take the stresses from crew and road-trailing.

There are many variations/adaptations possible to the design which can be discussed with FB.

Plans price £95.00 as of Jan 2021

download further information on boat and plans