FAITH - a Mersea Fisherman's Open Boat - in build 2015

Length (hull) 18ft 4ins; LWL 17ft 5ins; Beam 6ft 9 ins; depth amidships 2ft 6 ins; DWL displacement 2050lbs ; SA 205 sq ft. under construction - hope to get more pictures and description up soon.....

FAITH is a traditional open working boat following the model of existing Mersea "winklebrigs", or "bumpkins" as they are known on the Colne. The body plan shows a hard-bilged hull, which brings some practical and aesthetic challenges for clinker construction. We decided on "sawn" (instead of steam-bent) frames which was common for the larger boats, which makes a tight turn at the bilge more practical; further, sawn frames will take screws which is a help to the single-handed builder; the frame is made up of a floor, with a laminated futtock up the topsides bolted alongside. The tuck at the transom is very sharp, and the run aft quite flat. The clinker planking helps soften the rather slab-sided-looking topsides, and there is tumblehome aft to give an older traditional feel. The keel has a slight rocker, a feature of "Joanne", a 16 ft winklebrig I restored some years ago.

Winklebrig Faith launch video

FAITH, launched March 29th 2016

Watch in new tab Traditional Winklebrig 'Faith' launch. By Richard Harvey on Vimeo.