Other New Craft

Here are some examples of boats built over the years - in time I plan to expand upon the descriptions and detail, to give some sort of a perspective on developing my ideas from experience (October 2012)

Acorn 15

design by Iain Oughtred, built 2010.
This boat, named "Gannet" was painted by a specialist finisher.

image in workshop
(photo Dick Smith)

Atlantic Rowing Boat

designed and built for Mike Nestor and Sean Crowley in 1984 - named IN FINNEGAN'S WAKE. type- 20 ft self-righting dory


30 ft traditional Thames river launch, designed by Iain Oughtred. Launched in 1987.
Construction - clinker ply over laminated frames. Fit-out in Iroko.
Power - petrol engine, later replaced with electric propulsion.

Norfolk Punts SCOOT 1992 & GOOSANDER1994

This 20 ft design by FB was "traditional" in conception and featured a gaff-rigged mainsail with a curved gaff (both boats subsequently sported bermudian rigs). They both carried a good deal of "aesthetic weight". (CUCKOO was built to the same sort of specification). They were meant to be "cruising punts" rather than out-and -out racing boats - the weight and hull form made them relatively forgiving.


This photo (below) shows SCOOT alongside SCOTER - the first of the Wych and Coppock Hard-Chine punts (1952) which I re-built also.


Vivacious' pram

7ft 9ins clinker plywood pram dinghy designed and built as a tender for a West Solent One Design in 1985.

Celandine's pram

9 ft version of the Vivacious' pram design with a sprit rig - tender to s/y "Celandine" built in 1997.


A design by Phil Bolger - built in 2003