A 14 ft "Tammie Norrie" designed by Iain Oughtred


This boat is a good knock-about "cruising" sailing boat for one or two adults whilst still being fine enough to make a good rowing boat. The design has a centreboard (not a dagger board) and the plans show various choices of rig. The hull is full enough to be built in plywood (heavy or light) or traditionally too.

LYDIA was built to a high specification of Bruynzeel mahogany plywood with teak transom and fitting out (so comparatively heavy), gunmetal fittings, silver spruce spars, gilded name carved in the transom, etc. She has two forward mast positions for sailing with or without the mizzen, and the sails are made with narrow cloths. As she was going to be used for estuary sailing bouyancy bags are added under the thwarts in (burgundy) acrylic socks for appearance and protection. Launched in 2004.

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