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The "Wenda", designed by Albert Strange in 1899 as a "Fast Cruiser Canoe Yacht" has the following dimensions: LOA 24'9"; LWL 19'3"; Beam 6'5"; draught 2'3"/5'; Sail Area 295sq ft; displacement 1.5tons ; ballast keel 12.6cwt;and steel c/board 1.5cwt. She was intended to be built very lightly.

The green canoe

17 ft 9ins x 32 ins ; weight85lb.

Osea Brig

Dainty Lady (1984)

This dinghy has similarities with North American yawl boats and some Scottish craft, developed from a rowing boat form – fine lines below the waterline and slack bilges to give an easily driven hull. Above the waterline the topsides flare to a wide beam with good freeboard to make a dry sailing hull with reserve stability and plenty of space for the crew (up to four adults).


Cuckoo (1995)

A Norfolk Punt designed by Stephen Jones.

A Lines plan, foil plans and sail plans were supplied by SJ and I was asked to build the boat with "traditional appeal and style" (following the pattern of my construction of punts "Scoot" and "Goosander") while the provision to be as "light as possible" was delegated to second place. In my own mind, to make a boat strong and durable almost always compromises weight, and hence outright speed.

An inboard yacht tender replica - 10ft x 4ft 3ins (3.1m x 1.3m)


A close replica of the 1920's yacht tender Charlotte built by Morgan Giles. This boat was on show at the National Motor Boat Museum at Wat Tyler Country Park in Essex (at Pitsea, near Basildon) and was exhibited at Greenwich Wooden Boat Show in 1989.

A 14 ft "Tammie Norrie" designed by Iain Oughtred


This boat is a good knock-about "cruising" sailing boat for one or two adults whilst still being fine enough to make a good rowing boat. The design has a centreboard (not a dagger board) and the plans show various choices of rig. The hull is full enough to be built in plywood (heavy or light) or traditionally too.

Colne Canoe

Length 16ft 6 ins; Beam 31 ins; weight range 65lb - 90lb depending on detail

Design No 13 (1992) construction plywood - "stitch 'n glue", 5 plank hull

Plan price £25.00 including UK postage. the plan is in imperial units
The plan consists of an A1 sheet with an accompanying textual guide, including a way to make a simple sailing rig. The method is stich 'n' glue and the builder is expected to refer to more detailed published texts about this if necessary.

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