The green canoe

17 ft 9ins x 32 ins ; weight85lb.

This is a 5 plank hull using 3mm ply over framing with a 1/2" solid mahogany bottom which is sheathed with a sacrificial layer of glass and epoxy. Like the COLNE CANOE this design is characterised by a flat bottom and long high ends. Such craft are able to manage rough water easily, and have reserve stability when weight is kept low. The disadvantage is increased windage. Using a stitch and glue method of building it's easier to use 4mm or 5mm ply, whereas by having a framework to plank over we can use thinner ply. The solid bottom withstands abrasion and other damage better than ply.

A full plan is not available at present but I can supply the lines to order.

One advantage of a flat bottom is carrying on roofracks - easier to load and unload, (and the boat can be used as a roof-top box). A flat bottom is also chosen for sliding over mud and shingle - a common activity in this part of the world.