16 ft dayboat MEREBELLA

Custom Boat Building

…(above)….16 ft dayboat MEREBELLA - The launch and delivery were delayed by Covid-19; MEREBELLA was eventually launched for testing and a trial sail in 2021, and then put away again for the winter. Now in 2022, with delivery still not achieved, the owner’s circumstances have changed such that he has reluctantly decided to part with the boat.

My business has encompassed both traditional boatbuilding and modern boatbuilding using wood. The majority of craft I have worked on are clinker boats built using traditional or modern (glued plywood) methods.

This site shows the variety of work I have undertaken over the years - and indicates my aptitudes and interests. Craft built over the years include canoes and yacht tenders, rowing boats and sailing dayboats, and the occasional classic “replica”. I’ve handled a few larger projects for restoration, finished such craft as YARA. The biggest build in Rowhedge was CONSTANCE, and at Osea Island the 30 ft launch ZEINA II. I also help people with their own projects, demonstrating and undertaking some of the work if wished; this may involve providing advice on projects at the outset, condition reports and assessment of work entailed. One notable example was my role as portrayed in the book “How to Build a Boat” by Jonathan Gornall (Simon & Schuster 2018)

I have run the Traditional Boatbuilding course at the Nottage Institute, Wivenhoe, since 1988.

Now, in 2022, I continue with the Nottage boat building class and have one or two small projects in hand - I am trying to avoid further large commitments at the moment - However I’m keen to stay “in the swim”, as it were, and I am open to any enquiries - if I cannot undertake the work myself I would hope to be able to point you in the right direction.

New Rowing Dinghy

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