16 ft dayboat MEREBELLA

...(above)....16 ft dayboat MEREBELLA (formerly project "Thetis") out of the shed this last summer - launch date now set for early summer 2021.(hopefully)......

A Custom Service

My business has encompassed both traditional boatbuilding and modern boatbuilding using wood. The majority of craft I build and repair are either traditional clinker boats or clinker plywood boats.

Boats are custom built, designed by myself or others; and existing designs sometimes adapted for new requirements. I have very few "stock" designs - usually people come to me to find something "different", whether classic boats or new designs. Here I hope to show the variety of work I have undertaken over the years - and indicate my aptitudes and interests. Craft built over the years include canoes and yacht tenders, rowing boats and sailing dayboats, and the occasional classic "replica".

Boat restoration, repairs, and maintenance have been the majority of my work over the years - wooden masts and other spars, rudders, centreboards, oars and so on may be replaced or repaired too. I sometimes act as a "consultant boatbuilder" to amateurs wishing to restore their own craft, demonstrating and undertaking some of the work if wished; this may involve providing advice on projects at the outset, condition reports and assessment of work entailed.

I have run the Traditional Boatbuilding course at the Nottage Institute, Wivenhoe, since 1988. I do also get involved in some "interesting" non-marine projects.

Now, as we enter 2021, I continue with the Nottage boat building class (closed at the moment due to Covid-19) and have one or two small projects in hand - I am trying to avoid further large commitments at the moment - However I'm keen to stay "in the swim", as it were, and I am open to any enquiries - if I cannot undertake the work myself I would hope to be able to point you in the right direction.

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